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Why HR department needs more data skills

“Yeh dil maange more… more data…”
HR department must be data literate to scan the data for potential useful purposes

Data is essential for organisations, which is why the HR department must be data literate to scan the data for potential useful purposes. These can be used for strategic decision-making. Along with being data literate professionals, the HR department also needs to help convert these insights into useful strategies, without which the data stands meaningless.

There are different types of data such as recruitment data, competency profiles, career progression data, training data, absenteeism figures and productivity data etc. While scanning so many types of data can be challenging, it is incredibly valuable. It can be used to make predictions such as the turnover of employees, recruitment tricks, identifying suitable candidates and retaining them. So, HR teams can use data to make HR decisions, improve understanding the overall business impact, making HR processes more efficient and effective. All this has a direct impact on the company and helps realise its goals and objectives, which is what makes the data literacy of the HR department so important.

The HR departments are eventually gathering pace and the HR is undergoing a data based revolution these days. This department, which was initially focussed on human aspects such as people, culture, enhancement etc. is now moving towards a mechanical and data based function for better performance.

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